Spanish word of the week: destino

destino NOUN destination; posting; destiny

If you’re travelling in Spanish-speaking countries destino is a useful word. You’ll hear it a lot at airports:

el vuelo B777 con destino a Bogotá flight B777 for Bogotá

Se ruega a los señores pasajeros con destino a Santiago permanezcan sentados. Passengers for Santiago are kindly requested to remain seated.

In other travel contexts it translates as destination:

Se trasladaba a su destino en helicóptero. He was travelling to his destination by helicopter.

In companies and organizations where you might work in a different country, destino is used to mean posting:

Quería un destino en Argentina. He wanted to be posted to Argentina.

Its original meaning is destiny or fate:

No quiso compartir mi destino. He didn’t want to share my fate.

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