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Spanish word of the week: boca

la boca NOUN mouth You’ll probably already know the basic meaning of boca, which is a person’s or animal’s mouth. No debes hablar con la boca llena. You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full. It’s often used in the phrases boca arriba, face up, and… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: cien

cien ADJECTIVE, PRONOUN a hundred Cien is the shortened version of ciento and both mean a hundred. Which one you need to use depends on the words that come before or after. You use cien in front of a noun, as in the title of the… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: pata

la pata NOUN leg In English the word leg applies to people, animals and furniture. In Spanish you use pata for animals and furniture, and pierna for people. las patas de la silla the chair legsun elefante atado de la pata delantera an elephant tied up… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: llevar

llevar VERB to take; to wear; to be Llevar has the basic meaning to take: ¿Llevas los vasos a la cocina? Can you take the glasses to the kitchen? No te preocupes, yo llevo a Alex al colegio Don’t worry, I’ll take Alex to school. It… Read More
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Learning French: Wishing others well

Bon appétit, bon voyage, bonne chance… French is a language full of phrases to wish others well, so much so that many are used frequently in English. Whether you want to mark a special occasion, offer your congratulations, or simply wish someone all the best, you’ll want to know what… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: suerte

la suerte NOUN luck “Luck be a lady tonight” is a famous line from a song, and for Spanish speakers luck, la suerte, is as important as it is for English speakers. Sometimes la suerte is kind to us: Tuvo muchísima suerte de salir del accidente. He… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: cuadro

el cuadro NOUN painting; picture; table, chart Cuadro means both a painting, as in: un cuadro de Picasso a painting by Picasso ¿Quién pintó ese cuadro? Who did that painting? and also any kind of picture, either a reproduction or an original: Hay varios cuadros en… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: valer

valer VERB to cost; to be worth You’ll probably already know the first meaning, as in: ¿Cuánto vale? How much does it cost? Another very useful construction is más vale… followed by a verb in the infinitive, or in the subjunctive, meaning it would be better to…,… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: puesto

el puesto NOUN place; position, job; stall Puesto means place in specific contexts. It’s often used when talking about rankings, especially in sport: la lucha por el primer puesto the fight for first place El Telediario-2 ocupa el segundo puesto con 3,3 millones. Telediario-2 is… Read More