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Spanish word of the week: cuidado

el cuidado NOUN care One of the basic meanings of cuidado is care: Esta blusa hay que lavarla con cuidado. This blouse needs to be washed with care. The phrase con cuidado often translates as carefully: Lo abrió con cuidado. He opened it carefully. And you can intensify cuidado… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: parecer

parecer VERB to think Parecer is a very common way of expressing what you think. You use it in the structure me parece que …, word for word ‘it seems to me that’: Me parece que no va a venir. I don’t think he’s going to come. As you… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: aunque

aunque CONJUNCTION although, though; even though; even if Aunque is a very commonly used linking word, or conjunction. Its main meaning is although or though: No esperaba eso de él, aunque entiendo por qué lo hizo. I wasn’t expecting that from him, although I can understand why… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: importar

importar VERB to mind; to matter importar is a very useful word to describe how people feel about something. No me importa tener que levantarme temprano. I don’t mind having to get up early. Apart from being used with the infinitive, as in the previous example, you… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: compromiso

el compromiso NOUN engagement, arrangement Compromiso is another word which isn’t quite what it seems. In one of its uses it means engagement or arrangement rather than ‘compromise’. La ministra tuvo que cancelar todos sus compromisos. The minister had to cancel all her engagements. Mañana no puedo ir,… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: cabo

el cabo NOUN end In one of its uses cabo means the end of something: con un cabo de cuchillo que le asomaba por la cintura with the end of a knife which was showing at his waist But it is much more often used in set… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: principio

el principio NOUN beginning When you want to talk about the beginning of something, principio is one way of saying it: El principio del libro es muy interesante. The beginning of the book is very interesting. desde el principio hasta el fin from beginning to end… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: rato

rato NOUN time, while Rato is a terrifically useful word which is used in many different phrases to do with time: Hace un rato means a while ago, or some time ago Se fue hace un rato. He left a while or some time ago. como… Read More
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Spanish word of the week: importante

importante ADJECTIVE important, significant; large Importante is one of those intriguing Spanish words that has one meaning which looks similar to English — important — and another that is a bit unexpected: large: Tu padre es un hombre muy importante en la política. Your father is a… Read More