New Words Published in October

What geekery is this? New words added to in October include X factor, Tardis-like and posterize. Ridic?

A huge number of excellent new words and meanings have been submitted to in the last few months. Here are the words that were accepted for the site’s October update. Click through to see the definition page for each one.

bucket list, submitted by Daved
Chinglish, submitted by Little Master Hyd
Chug, submitted by EmptySeas
crunch, submitted by Daved
douche, submitted by WordMonkey
flerovium, submitted by yongjianrong
geekery, submitted by kalayzich
genius, submitted by WordMonkey
grand slam, submitted by Daved
HMRC, submitted by moneill
IM, submitted by lylesantos
Jalfrezi, submitted by slartibartfast
J-pop, submitted by moneill
Liquitab, submitted by tikitaka
Livermorium, submitted by yongjianrong
Mindfulness, submitted by WordMonkey
mixed martial arts, submitted by Daved
MMA, submitted by VEGCON
Omnium, submitted by slartibartfast
pencil skirt, submitted by Persephone
pescetarian, submitted Scorpion1811
posterize, submitted by NAO
power play, submitted by Daved
prosocial, submitted by Ant
pwn, submitted by
ridic, submitted by WordMonkey
robocall, submitted by Daved
roentgenium, submitted by WordMonkey
SEAL, submitted by Daved
Shoutout, submitted by WordMonkey
Skinsuit, submitted by WordMonkey
Skype, submitted by phil2007
Snowbird, submitted by Daved
soul patch, submitted by WordMonkey
the squits, submitted by Sarah6970
submarine sandwich, submitted by Daved
sweary, submitted by poshpink
Swiss Army knife, submitted by Daved
Tardis-like, submitted by slartibartfast
Technophilia, submitted WordMonkey
Textonym, submitted by thomdavidson123
tocophobia or tokophobia, submitted by WordMonkey
tradesperson, submitted kalayzich
transition, submitted by kalayzich
videocam, submitted by Daved
viral, LitChick786
wojus, submitted by theraydarcyshow
X factor, submitted by Daved

Inspired? Submit your own word here.

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