National Grammar Day

Saturday 4 March marks National Grammar Day (henceforth, for brevity, NGD). Time to move into top grammar gear. Are you a tad hazy about the difference between a conjunction and a preposition? And what exactly are parts of… Read More
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St David’s Day/Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant

St David and St David’s Day In stark contrast to St George, who was born in modern-day Turkey, died in what is now Israel and never set foot in England, Saint David, or Dewi Sant, the patron saint of Wales, was a Welshman from his tonsure to the calloused soles… Read More

French word of the week: arriver

This series of weekly blogs takes a closer look at words from our French dictionaries. The word we're focusing on this week is the French verb 'arriver'. Read More

What’s the difference between aloud and loudly?

This week we are looking at two words which are sometimes confused: aloud and loudly. aloud If you read aloud a book or apiece of writing, you say the words while you are reading them. She read aloud to us from the newspaper. If you think… Read More