What’s the difference between sting and bite?

This week we are looking at two words which are sometimes confused: sting and bite. sting Sting is usually a verb. Its past tense and past participle is stung. If a creature such as a bee, wasp, or scorpion stings you, it pricks your skin and… Read More

Autumn traditions and their lexicon

For convenience, the weather people kickstart autumn by inaugurating it on 1 September. But the first astronomical day of autumn fell this year on 23 September, the date of the autumn equinox. Either way, autumn is now well and truly here, as… Read More

French word of the week: fin

This series of weekly blogs takes a closer look at words from our French dictionaries. The word we're focusing on this week is the French adjective and noun 'fin'. Read More

European Day of Languages

Monday 26 September marks The European Day of Languages. It was launched in 2001 by the Council of Europe at the end of the Year of Languages, which was jointly organized with the European Union (EU). The day aims to encourage language learning, multilingualism and cultural… Read More

What’s the difference between illness and disease?

This week we are looking at two words which are sometimes confused: illness and disease. illness If you have an illness, there is something wrong with your health. An illness can last for a long time or a short time, and its effects can be serious or not serious. Read More

What’s the difference between cloakroom and checkroom?

This week we are looking at two words which are sometimes confused: cloakroom and checkroom. cloakroom  In British and American English, a cloakroom is a room where you leave your hat and coat, especially in a place of entertainment. She works as a… Read More

Coding Week: 9 key terms for your technology glossary

If the words Java and Python only make you think of a hot cup of coffee and a slithery creature, it’s time to expand your vocabulary. STEM is becoming increasingly popular, and people of all ages are taking an interest in learning the basics of coding. In honour of National… Read More