Love is in the air with the new edition of Collins Official SCRABBLE™ Words

Do you and your BAE watch the latest BINGEABLE series on Netflix and OVERSHARE your relationship on social media? Or do you imagine yourself sipping CHAMPAS and planning a fashion COLLAB with your BLUD?

These are examples of some of the 2,862 new words added to the existing 276,000 in the new edition of Collins Official SCRABBLE™ Words making it the most comprehensive Scrabble word list ever produced.

Scrabble lovers can also be inspired by fashion, food and fitness, whether it be NORMCORE (deliberately normal style of dress), ATHLEISURE (wearing sports clothes as leisurewear), NDUJA, AQUAFABA (vegan substitute for egg whites), SRIRACHA, BAO (steamed dumpling), ARANCINI, HENCH, AFTERBURN (burning of calories after exercise) or DADBOD.

A whole host of new Scrabble words relate to current lifestyle trends including PLOGGING (picking up litter while jogging), SHARENTING (sharing news and images of one’s children on social media), BABYMOON (early period of new parenthood), DANCECORE (type of electronic dance music), ZEN (state of calm attentiveness), FLEEK (used in the phrase ‘on fleek’, stylish) and BIZJET (small aeroplane used by business people).

Slang terms and interjections have also made it onto the new list so Scrabble players can use EW, OK, YOWZA, RELLO, PREGGO, and GLOOMSTER.

Words relating to gender identity also feature in the new list including CISGENDER, TRANSPHOBIA, GENDERQUEER and the neutral pronoun ZE. As does politics, and with new words making daily headlines, it’s hard to avoid mentioning OMNISHAMBLES, REMAINER and POSTFACT.

WORDIES can also enjoy Scrabble triumphs with some high-scoring and useful new entries including ASPHYXYING (29), EQUIVOCACY (29), and HACKERAZZO (27), plus DOX, OK, EW, UME, ZE and ZEN.

Just remember that after using Collins Official SCRABBLE™ Words to help you win (and if you happen to be a man) do not MANSPLAIN how you did it, CAPICHE?

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