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Strange International Scrabble™ Facts

Nigel Richards from New Zealand is renowned as the best Scrabble™ player in the history of the game. He spends his life travelling the world from one event to another – he’s effectively the only Scrabble™ professional, earning enough money from one event to pay his expenses for the next. Read More
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How to cheat in a game of Scrabble

1) Make sure your opponent is seated with a mirror behind them so you can see all their letters. 2) Take too many letters out of the bag when you’re picking, have a sneaky peak and throw the extra ones you don’t like back in – someone did this in… Read More
Scrabble tiles on board: WORDFEUD

Famous Scrabble™ Squabbles

In many households Christmas isn’t Christmas without a good family squabble over the Scrabble™ board. Here are five famously silly Scrabble™ quarrels to put your own family Scrabble™ wars to shame. 1. In 1996 a woman was charged with assault in Haggerstown, USA, when she struck her husband over the… Read More
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How to Train Like a Champion

As I write this I’m in ‘training’ for Causeway – arguably the most prestigious Scrabble event of the year – even more so than the World Championship as there are far more games. 300 or so gluttons for punishment will be playing a mammoth 45 games over 5 days in… Read More
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Hooray, it’s Scrabble™ Week! With the nights drawing in and the Christmas invites going out, it’s the perfect time of year to get together around your favourite board game and let the annual family tournament commence. Here are a dozen delightful Christmassy words you can send your ‘truelove’ (which… Read More
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8 Winning Scrabble Words – Allan Simmons

When you play Scrabble™ certain words can take on significant meanings, here Scrabble Champion Allan Simmons picks the words that he has played, which have also played a part in his life. 1.REIGNED When I first started to compile anagrams I was surprised to find that this simple… Read More
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What happens at a Scrabble Tournament?

Mark Nyman, author of Scrabble Secrets, heads to Dunmurry to take on the Northern Ireland Scrabble Championship and gives us a snapshot of what it’s like to play tournament Scrabble. After quite an eventful journey to get to Ireland (one missed flight included), I just made it… Read More
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Tips for learning Scrabble words

Allan Simmons, a former Scrabble champion and author of the forthcoming book Scrabble Trainer, shares his tips on how to learn words to improve your Scrabble game. There are nearly 120,000 two to eight letter words in the Collins Scrabble word list and very… Read More