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Author vs. Author

They can write but can they Scrabble? On Tuesday 26th at 4PM, we’re combining your love of words and books. Women’s Fiction writers Fanny Blake and Judy Astley will go head to head in a much-anticipated game of Scrabble. Both of their books have storylines littered… Read More
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Delightfully Odd-Looking Scrabble Words

Although they look like they’ve been made up for Scrabble, these new strange-looking words are all supported by current usage away from the Scrabble board… DHIKR Sufi religious ceremony (13 points) PACZKI Round filled doughnut (23 points)… Read More
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Tips from the Champions – Craig Beevers

Craig Beevers, the current World Scrabble Champion, tells us his top tips. 1. Know your short wordsTwo and three letter words can enable you to score 20-30 points move after move without any big plays. Once they’re second nature you’ll have lots of parallel play opportunities at… Read More
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Discover the New Scrabble Words

Over 6,500 new words have been added to the Collins Official Scrabble Wordlist – influenced by all parts of life, including social media, slang, technology and food, plus English from around the world. Delve into some of the new words below and discover the full… Read More
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Scrabble FAQs

How many new words are in the new Collins Official Scrabble Words? 6,500 How do new words get chosen? Representatives from the Dictionary Committee of the World English-Language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) – the international governing body for tournament Scrabble play excluding North America… Read More
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Scrabble Week

What in the name of Scrabble is happening? Over 6,500 new playable Scrabble words join the Collins Official Scrabble Wordlist this May. To celebrate the biggest update in 4 years, Collins are hosting Scrabble Week 21-28 May. Sign up for a week of… Read More
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A Scrabble Game of Thrones

How would A Game of Thrones characters fare in the world of Scrabble? To celebrate National Scrabble Day and the return of Game of Thrones today, we’ve scored the characters of the book and TV show by their names to find out who would rule on the Iron Throne according… Read More

12 Ways the Universe Loves Scrabble™

Discover the best Scrabble hints, tips and secrets by clicking on any of the book covers below: At least 30,000 Scrabble games are started each hour. That’s a third of London’s Wembley Stadium, or two of… Read More