Scrabble™ Christmas Anagrams

There’s something about Christmas and tradition that makes me think there’s nothing better than getting everyone round a great family board game after stuffing themselves with turkey and mince pies (I’m more of a jam roly-poly fan!)

X boxes, Fifa etc are more set up for the individual and they can be a little antisocial. Any number of family members can have a game of Scrabble™ though – if say there are 4 of you, I’d definitely recommend you play in pairs rather than as individuals. It’s really frustrating waiting (usually an age) for the other 3 to take their turns, and by the time it’s your move, the play you want to make has usually been taken!

Playing in pairs can be controversial with lots of potential heated debates over who’s spotted the best move or who’s trying to cheat, but as long as you remember it’s only a game, it won’t get out of hand and you will all have lots of fun.

Here’s a competition – see if you can spot these Xmas-related anagrams – they get harder….


By Mark Nyman,
Scrabble™ Champion

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