Five new words in Collins English Dictionary, December 2019

Here are the editorial team’s favourite new words and meanings added to Collins English Dictionary online in December. daith Defined as “an ear piercing that forms a loop around the inner cartilage of the ear”, daith was selected by one of the editors largely for its… Read More

Did we give up new words with the wine this dry January?

This year’s Dry January was not just the annual abstention from alcohol (to counteract excess drinking over the festive season – copyrighted by Alcohol Concern in 2014). It was also pretty dry in terms of new words. Though there was certainly no shortage of notable news items, they tended to… Read More
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Collins Dictionary: Some Criteria for Inclusion

We regret that we cannot enter into detailed discussions of why individual suggestions for the dictionary are accepted or rejected. However, to guide you when you make submissions, please note that certain categories of word may not meet our criteria for inclusion. 1. Gratuitously offensive slang termsWhile there are… Read More
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New Words Published in October

What geekery is this? New words added to in October include X factor, Tardis-like and posterize. Ridic? A huge number of excellent new words and meanings have been submitted to in the last… Read More
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New Words Published in September

In July 2012 started accepting new word suggestions from anyone who wants to be part of the evolution of the English language. Our hard-working dictionary editors have been busy sorting through thousands of entries since then. Here are the eighty-six new words and senses that were added to… Read More
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How does a word get into

Every word that enters the Collins Dictionary is reviewed by our editors before inclusion. Whether it’s a word that has been floating around the verges of common parlance for years, or one that you’ve just coined and submitted yourself, the word will always go through this review process. Our editors… Read More