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9 Spelling Differences Between British and American English

It is sometimes joked that the United Kingdom and the United States are two countries separated by a common language. Indeed, while the British and the Americans understand each other the vast majority of the time, there are still many important differences between UK and US English, which can lead… Read More
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Spelling Rules

Twelve Top Spelling Tips Here is our list of the spelling tips we think you will find most useful. They provide an explanation of the English language’s key spelling rules (and their exceptions) and if you can bear them in mind you should be able to improve your spelling. Read More
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Misspelled Words

Silent Letters English has lots of ‘silent’ letters such as the c in rock, the numerous final e’s in words like bake, cake, and make, or combinations of silent letters at the end of words like macabre and denouement. Also, we often have more… Read More