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Guide to COBUILD abbreviations

Word classes

adj adjective
adv adverb
aux auxiliary verb
colour colour word
comb combining form
conj conjunction
convention convention
det determiner
exclam exclamation
fraction fraction
link see see v-link
modal modal verb
n-count count noun
n-plural plural noun
n-proper proper noun
n-proper-plural plural proper noun
n-sing singular noun
n-title title noun
n-uncount uncount noun
n-var variable noun
neg negative
num number
ord ordinal
passive see v-passive
phrasal verb phrasal verb
phrase phrase
predet predeterminer
prefix prefix
prep preposition
pron pronoun
quant quantifier
quest question word
suffix suffix
verb verb
v-link link verb
v-passive passive verb

Words and abbreviations used in patterns

adj adjective group
adv adverb group
amount word or phrase indicating an amount of something
be any form of the verb be
colour colour word
cont continuous
det determiner
-ed past participle of a verb
get any form of the verb get
imper imperative
inf infinitive form of a verb
n noun or noun group
names names of places or institutions
neg negative word
num number
n-uncount uncount noun or noun group with an uncount noun
oft often
ord ordinal
P particle, part of a phrasal verb
passive passive voice
pl plural
poss possessive
prep prepositional phrase or preposition
pron pronoun
pron-refl reflexive pronoun
quote direct speech
sing singular
that ‘that’-clause
to-inf the to-infinitive form of a verb
usu usually
v verb or verb group
v-ed past participle of the verb
v-ing present participle of the verb being defined
v-ing present participle of a verb
v-link link verb
wh wh-word, clause beginning with a wh-word