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Spanish word of the week: cometa

In another in our series of blog posts on Spanish nouns whose gender varies according to meaning we look at cometa. You can listen to the pronunciation of cometa in the audio clip below: You’re most likely to see un cometa (masculine) at night, since it… Read More

Learning German: Saying what you like, dislike and prefer 

Whether you’re visiting galleries and museums, sampling German cuisine or simply chatting to your German-speaking friends, you’ll probably want to talk about what you like and dislike. There are several different ways to do this in German. To say what you like, use ich mag (I like) and ich mag…… Read More

French word of the week: élever

This series of weekly blogs takes a closer look at words from our French dictionaries. The word we're focusing on this week is the French verb 'élever'. Read More

Making a phone call

Making a phone call in English can be intimidating, so here are some phrases to help you. Once you’ve made the call and someone answers, you will need to tell them who you are. Use Hello, it’s … (here). Hello Mr Hall, it’s Alex Ronaldson here. Hello, it’s Marie. Can… Read More

Learning Italian: Lifestyle tips (1)

Whatever country you travel to, understanding the social etiquette, the dos and don’ts, and the cultural norms of the country are just as important as learning the language. Here are a few tips for different scenarios you will likely come across in Italy – to save you from any awkward… Read More

Giving encouragement

To encourage someone to go somewhere more quickly or to do something more quickly, use Hurry up! or, more informally, Get a move on! Hurry up! We’ve got to be there in ten minutes! Hurry up, Mario! When you’ve finished your work, you can go out to play. Get a… Read More