Words from South Asia for the Cricket World Cup

Howzat! During this month and a goodly part of November, legions of cricket fans worldwide will be watching matches in India like enthusiastic hawks as the country plays host for the third time to the stellar four-yearly ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup (CWC for short). Viewing… Read More
A cricket ball

Etymology Corner – ‘Cricket’

Although the weather may still suggest otherwise, the British cricket season is now fully under way. The first test series has been put to bed, and supporters are eagerly eyeing up The Ashes in July. With that in mind, we decided to look at the etymology of the word ‘cricket’…… Read More
2 men, one with a baseball bat, the other with the baseball

Collins A to Z of cricketing words and phrases

With the Cricket World Cup in full swing, you might feel stumped by all the talk of googlies, wides and wicket maidens. To help you out, we’ve put together an A to Z of key cricketing terms so you don’t get caught in the slips, run yourself out, or… Read More