learning italian

Learning Italian: Lifestyle tips (1)

Whatever country you travel to, understanding the social etiquette, the dos and don’ts, and the cultural norms of the country are just as important as learning the language. Here are a few tips for different scenarios you will likely come across in Italy – to save you from any awkward… Read More

Learning Italian: Seeing the sights

If you’re planning to take a trip to an Italian city, there is no doubt that you’ll want to do some sightseeing. Knowing just a few phrases such as asking where you can go, what you can do there and how much it will cost, will make your life much… Read More

Learning Italian: Wining and dining

If you want to sample Italian cuisine, be it at a local trattoria, a fancy restaurant or a vinoteca (a wine bar), learning some key phrases in Italian will give you the confidence to chat to the waiter and prepare you for the kind of things they could ask you. Read More

Learning Italian: Wishing someone something

Like all languages, there are certain sayings that people use for special occasions or to simply wish someone well. Knowing how to say these in Italian will prepare you for every occasion and help you to sound more like a native speaker! Have a nice…! To say you hope someone… Read More

Texting in Italian – sound like a native!

Texting in Italian is a great way to learn the language while making friends. To text somebody is mandare un SMS (esse emme esse) a qualcuno, or you can say inviare un messaggio su WhatsApp/Messenger/Instagram, depending on your social networking preferences! Much like in English, Italian text messages use abbreviations… Read More

Learning Italian: Asking for directions

When you’re travelling around Italy, there is no doubt you will need some information to help you get to where you want to go. Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, it’s always useful to know some basic phrases to ask the locals. In order to ask… Read More

Learning Italian: Saying what you like, dislike and prefer

Whether you’re visiting galleries and museums, sampling Italian cuisine or simply chatting to your Italian-speaking friends, you’ll probably want to talk about what you like and dislike. To say what you like, use mi piace (I like) and non mi piace to talk about something you don’t like. These come… Read More

Learning Italian: Introduce yourself!

In order to get the conversation going, you’ll want to say a bit about yourself – what your name is, what you do and so on. Having a few phrases under your belt will come in very handy if you’re making friends or meeting acquaintances for the first time. There… Read More