Learning English

English text written in a notebook, with a word crossed out and corrections by teacher underneath

Why is English SO difficult??

As a learner of the English language, how many times have you heard your teachers say, ‘it’s just not what we say in English’ or ‘that doesn’t sound very natural’? Or maybe you have thought to yourself, ‘this doesn’t sound right’ but you don’t know why? There is a good… Read More
profile of a man with open mouth, and a stream of letters coming out

4 tips when starting to soften your English Accent

Our colleagues over on the Collins ELT blog have written an informative article on where to start when softening your English accent. So what does softening your accent mean? Even if you have spoken English for a number of years you may still… Read More
ENGLISH written on a post-it, next to crumbled post-its arranged in question mark shape

What on earth is The Schwa?

Say again, ‘The Schwa’? The what? When reading our colleague’s post over on the Collins English Language Learning blog, I heard about The Schwa sound for the very first time, and thought it would be useful to replicate some of the… Read More