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Are you in the red? Social Networking in Spanish

Ever fancied trying social networking in Spanish? Recent estimates suggest that 90% of all Spaniards are members of a social network, and numbers are growing across Latin America. Naturally enough, Facebook is the top destination for Spanish-speakers looking to link up with old friends or find… Read More
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Misspelled Words

Silent Letters English has lots of ‘silent’ letters such as the c in rock, the numerous final e’s in words like bake, cake, and make, or combinations of silent letters at the end of words like macabre and denouement. Also, we often have more… Read More
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Spanish Pronunciation – La lluvia en Sevilla es una pura maravilla

How’s your pronunciation of Spanish vowels? For a language so beautiful and evocative, Spanish is really stingy with its vowel sounds, trailing way behind English with a sum total of five. Of course, this makes it much easier for foreign learners to master, as there’s no equivalent of dreaded English… Read More
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Spanish Expressions – Senses Working Overtime

A trip to Spain invariably sends the senses into overdrive, with so many things to look at and touch, voices to listen to and food to smell and taste – not to mention the range of emotions we’ll feel. It would be a shame to keep our reactions to ourselves,… Read More