12 Ways the Universe Loves Scrabble™

Discover the best Scrabble hints, tips and secrets by clicking on any of the book covers below: At least 30,000 Scrabble games are started each hour. That’s a third of London’s Wembley Stadium, or two of… Read More
A woman and a man wearing medieval costumes

14 Mad Facts About Medieval England

The Middle Ages, lasting from the 5th century to 1485, are best known for their violent revolts and revolutions, gruesome punishments, feasting and fetes, gallant knights and fairytale princesses. But what was life like on the home front in Medieval England? Read on for 14 facts that might… Read More
Collins English Dictionary

Collins English Dictionary, 12th edition – FAQs

Published on Thursday 23rd October, the Collins English Dictionary, 12th edition is the only dictionary you need – the largest single-volume English dictionary in print with over 50,000 newly added words and a total of 722,000 words, meanings and phrases. With all these additions, and a new… Read More
Collins English Dictionary

The Collins English Dictionary, 12th edition

It’s word nerd Christmas, folks! Which is to say, the new Collins English Dictionary is almost here! Nearly three quarters of a million words (50,000 newly added) in one rather classy-looking volume – or as a Kindle ebook or iOS app, I am reliably informed while still… Read More
Group of young children playing in school uniform

Hands up! Do You Remember Your School Playground Slang?

Teacher’s pet, or constantly bunking off due to schoolitis? Some words and phrases have survived generations of schoolchildren, and will always remind us of the classroom. Which of the below are you familiar with, and can you add any more words to our list? All-nighterTo… Read More