Coorie doon: words to cosy up to

It’s that time again: the clocks have just made the (welcome) move back to GMT, the coats and jumpers have been dug out, and the year’s winter wellness trend has made its appearance… Following on from the widely disseminated Danish concept of hygge, and the interest around last year’s… Read More

The auld new year – Scottish words to look out for this Hogmanay

It’s almost time to bid farewell (or good riddance, either/or) to 2017 and give a warm, hearty welcome to 2018. It will doubtless mean partying, fireworks and celebrations the world over, and it’s fair to say that Scotland’s Hogmanay festivities are among the most vibrant and raucous you’ll find anywhere. Read More

‘Tis the season to be… còsagach?

The Danes introduced us to the idea of hygge. The Germans are fond of a spot of Gemütlichkeit. And now that the nights have well and truly drawn in, Scots are getting well and truly… còsagach. Eh… còsagach? Say that again? This wee Scottish Gaelic word (pronounced “kaw-sa-goch”, to rhyme… Read More