Beat Blue Monday with 10 words to describe happiness

It’s official, experts have declared Monday 15th January 2018 ‘Blue Monday’, the glummest day of the year.

The triple threat of extreme winter weather, a strained post-Christmas bank account and the back-to-work feeling is believed to make you feel gloomier than usual.

But don’t worry, we believe grey skies are gonna clear up, so put on a happy face and enjoy these 10 words to describe happiness.

1. Ecstatic

If you are ecstatic, you feel very happy and full of excitement.

2. Elated

If you are elated, you are extremely happy and excited because of something that has happened.

3. Jubilant

If you are jubilant, you feel extremely happy because of a success.

4. Merry

A merry sound or sight makes you feel cheerful.

5. Upbeat

If people or their opinions are upbeat, they are cheerful and hopeful about a situation.

6. Chipper

Chipper means cheerful and lively.

7. Convivial

Convivial people or occasions are pleasant, friendly, and relaxed.

8. Exultant

If you are exultant, you feel very happy and proud about something you have done.

9. Mirth

Mirth is amusement which you express by laughing.

10. Blithe

Very happy or cheerful

Have a wonderful week everybody!

By Rachel Quin
Collins Dictionary

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