‘Binge-watch’ – Collins Word of the Year 2015

“Just one more”. Something we’ve all said at some point this year while sat in front of the TV, and we’re not talking about glasses of wine. Thanks to some tortuous cliff-hangers, puzzling ‘who-done-its’ and another rainy British summer – ‘Binge-watch’ has been revealed as the 2015 Collins Word of… Read More

Top 10 Collins Words of the Year

‘Binge-watch’ has been named Collins Word of the Year 2015 thanks to a dramatic increase in usage. Here’s the words that made the top 10 list: Binge-watchTo watch a large number of television programmes (especially all the shows from one series) in succession Dadbod… Read More
A cartoon of Shakespeare playing a mandolin

Shake it like Shakespeare

Think modern pop music is missing a little poetry? Prefer rhyme schemes to the club scene? If so, you’ll love Pop Sonnets, an anthology of Shakespearean spins on your favourite songs. To celebrate its publication on this National Poetry Day, author Erik Didriksen reveals… Read More
A student holding several books

Etymology Corner – ‘Festival’

Book-lovers are emerging from their paper cocoons in their book-and-mortar houses, in order to attend the Cheltenham Literature Festival and feed their desire for exciting, new reads. Here at Etymology Corner, we’re feeding your love of words. By no coincidence, this month we explore the origin of ‘festival’. Read More