Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games installation in a park

Glasgow Patter – 12 Scottish Slang Words To Test You

It’s the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow! Get your Glasgow slang in place for a glorious Glasgow 2014! Most cities have their own quips, spoonerisms and slang terms, but few so famously as Glasgow, whose ‘patter’ has gained prestige from its use in television programmes, comedy sketches and poetry –… Read More
Spectacles on top of a pile of books

Word-lover interview: Tim Gorichanaz of ScratchTap

Word-lovers abound in the Collins Dictionary community, and so we’ve kicked off an interview series with some of the ones we’re lucky enough to count as friends of the blog. Following our interview with Lynne Murphy of Separated By A Common Language, we’re delighted to… Read More
Brazilian football fans

World Cup Words You Need to be Brilliantly Brazilian

Although England are no longer involved in‘a Copa do Mundo 2014’ in Brazil, there are still plenty of reasons to get excited about this festival of football. With that in mind we have compiled a need-to-know list of Brazilian terms to allow you to follow the beautiful game… Read More
Wooden cubes with BALDERDASH spelt out

Balderdash! 11 English Words Whose Meanings Have Changed

To grin once meant to scowl, a girl was once a youth of either sex, and “hello” was originally used as an exclamation of surprise! Most of the words in everyday English have been in (and occasionally out of) circulation for centuries. But how and why have their meanings changed?… Read More