Author Carmel Harrington on hilarious Irish words

Still reeling after St Patrick’s Day this week? HarperImpulse’s Carmel Harrington tells us about her favourite Irish words, along with some hilarious situations in which you might find them necessary… Our language in Ireland is wonderful, unique and lyrical. To ears not accustomed to our speech… Read More
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Everyone’s a little bit Irish: Irish words in the English Language

St Patrick’s Day is here again, and you know what that means. Throughout the United States, people will be dressing in green, pinching those who don’t dress in green (bizarre but true), wearing green plastic derby hats, drinking green beer, and putting on very bad Irish accents. Of course St… Read More
A cartoon cup with WORLD'S BEST MOM written on it

How is Mother’s Day celebrated around the world?

In our first Mothering Sunday article, we looked at the difference between British and American ‘Mother’s Day’. Let’s find out some other ways people around the world celebrate their mums. In Bolivia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 27th May every year. Called El Día de… Read More
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Happy Mother’s Day… or Mothering Sunday?

Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday are commonly thought of as being the same thing. How often around this time of year do you hear an English person ask, with more than a hint of panic, when Mother’s Day is? But it’s not Mother’s Day they’re actually asking about. It’s Mothering… Read More
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Lucy Mangan talks gender jargon for International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day (on Sunday)! Or Happy International Wimmin’s Day, if you are either a) one of the tiny minority of radical second wave feminists who adopted the aberrant spelling as a means of protesting against the word’s apparent derivation from ‘men’, thus mimicking and enshrining women’s supposed derivation… Read More
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Collins A to Z of cricketing words and phrases

With the Cricket World Cup in full swing, you might feel stumped by all the talk of googlies, wides and wicket maidens. To help you out, we’ve put together an A to Z of key cricketing terms so you don’t get caught in the slips, run yourself out, or… Read More