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Lucy Mangan on the fortnight’s word submissions

Hello again! And how’ve you been? I am a near-broken woman after London Fashion Week – not that my body, wardrobe and penchant for consuming calories daily will collectively or individually attest to this, because I haven’t been anywhere near the shows. It’s because of the… Read More
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Lucy Mangan on the latest words to be submitted to the site

Another alternate Friday, another column picking the choicest blooms from the bouquet of offerings submitted to the stern-faced lexicographers at Collins’ online dictionary for consideration. Followed by a small rant, because I’m just in that kind of mood. And finishing with an award, because I like to go out on… Read More
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Lucy Mangan Sets Up Her Stall

I’m a Luddite in most areas of life. I don’t know what Blu-Ray or Bluetooth mean. I have only just moved from an ordinary to a smartphone, and I don’t know why everyone keeps laughing at me for choosing a… Read More
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Our 12 words of 2012

Earlier this year, opened its doors to new word submissions. Your response has been totes amazeballs and fandabidozi. To date we have taken almost 7,400 new word submissions, each and every one a celebration of our ever changing language and… Read More
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50 Most Often Viewed Words on

Which words are viewed most often on Find out here, where we list the 50 most viewed words in each of the last 3 months. November 2012 1. amazeballs (definition of ‘amazeballs’)2. mummy porn (definition of ‘mummy porn’)3. hangry (definition of ‘hangry’)4. social… Read More
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Collins Dictionary: Some Criteria for Inclusion

We regret that we cannot enter into detailed discussions of why individual suggestions for the dictionary are accepted or rejected. However, to guide you when you make submissions, please note that certain categories of word may not meet our criteria for inclusion. 1. Gratuitously offensive slang termsWhile there are… Read More
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New Words Published in October

What geekery is this? New words added to in October include X factor, Tardis-like and posterize. Ridic? A huge number of excellent new words and meanings have been submitted to in the last… Read More
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What’s your word?

Submit your new word here We’ve all had them: those words and phrases that mean the world to us. They’re passed around our friends, providing meaning, sense and clarity where before there was only confusion. But there was never any way of making these words official,… Read More